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Together we contribute to a more sustainable world!

We care for people and nature. Together we contribute to a more sustainable world.
Our aim? Essential mobile products without packaging and with the best quality. Naked, powerful and loved.

  • Available whenever you want
  • Charge wherever you want
  • Buy when and where you want
  • Sustainable to become more green consumers


Get connected

Greenmouse's mobile accessories are produced in a sustainable way. After production, you will find our accessories on the shelves of supermarkets, railway stations, petrol stations, hotels and convenient stores. Basically everywhere you need us to be, we are there. So you can be who you want to be, do what you want to do and be available at all times. Let’s connect in a more responsible way.

Get naked

More and more plastic is entering our environment. If this trend continues, our one and only world will contain approximately 12 billion tons of plastic waste by 2050. The only way to reduce and prevent plastic pollution is to use a lot less plastic. Greenmouse produces ‘naked’ products without any unnecessary packaging material. For a green and sustainable world. Do you want to contribute to a cleaner and better world!

Get powered

It’s your turn. What footprint do you want to leave on this planet? And what kind of products do you want to buy for your own enjoyment or to be accessible? Get powered with Greenmouse. For true, qualitatively, naked and powerful mobile accessories.


Mobile accessories have become a daily necessity for us. When our battery is empty, we want to recharge it. When we want to call our friends, we want to be able to reach them. And when we want to listen to our favorite artist, we want it with the best sound quality.

This is why we believe that these accessories should be for sale in stores we visit every day. With Greenmouse's mobile accessories we let people connect, charge and communicate in a sustainable and responsible way. We choose to provide people with the naked truth by selling products without plastic packaging. Without affecting quality and experience. With this we make the statement that we only have one world that is vulnerable. With naked and sustainable accessories, we encourage consumers to participate in our mission to reduce our plastic footprint and improve the world.